Whether you’re an active athlete needing help with recovery or have a full-time desk job causing a tense neck and shoulders, bodywork is for you.


Therapeutic / Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is geared towards pain and tension relief. Pressure is usually medium to deep. Hot packs and heated towels may be used to aide in relief at no additional charge. This massage is may be accompanied with chiropractic care or physical therapy and used to target pain. Clients dress down to their comfort level. 

 60 minutes: $90 | 90 minutes: $135 

Sports Massage

Sports massage helps to prevent injuries, reduce recovery time and enhance performance. This type of massage typically entails lots of compression, deep pressure, brisk movement and stretching. Clients dress down to their comfort level.

60 minutes: $90 | 90 minutes: $135


Our 1 hour cupping sessions utilize suction and pressure on the area of constriction to loosen muscles and encourage blood flow which assists muscles in releasing and repairing. Cupping is often used by athletes to help performance and relieve pain and stiffness. Please note this service does not include massage. Clients dress down to their comfort level.

60 minutes: $65



In this session, we will utilize active and passive stretching techniques to keep your muscles flexible and help give your joints a better range of motion. Please wear loose clothing for stretching sessions.

60 minutes: $65

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By appointment only: TUES – FRI: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. | SAT: 10 a. m. – 2 p.m. | SUN and MON: Closed 

Please give 24-hour notice of a cancellation prior to the appointment time, either through e-mail or voice mail. 
No calls/no shows will be charged for the full service| Please note we follow Midway ISD’s inclement weather schedules