Whether you’re an active athlete needing help with recovery, busy mom or have a full-time desk job causing a tense neck and shoulders, bodywork is for you.


What Is A Bodywork Massage?

A bodywork massage goes a step further than a typical massage. The desired result of this type of massage is often increased range of motion, loosening connective tissue, and aiding in the repair of damaged muscle. This requires the licensed massage therapist to have years of intense training and hands on experience. The Body Work Therapist will focus on a wide range of manual manipulation techniques, such as, (Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, etc.) The pressure can often be deep but is not always necessary to get the desired result. If your body prefers deep pressure, which is different than deep tissue, please communicate with the therapist.

Bodywork Is Perfect for You If:

  • you have pain or decreased range of motion
  • you do the same repetitive movements in your job day-to-day (for example, sitting at a desk working on a computer)
  • you’re recovering or preparing for a sports event
  • you want routine maintenance for your body
  • you want to improve your posture habits (best when combined with home stretching),
  • you can feel knots that you want worked on

Bodywork Massage Options


Customized Bodywork Massage

$105 for 60 min | $149 for 90 min

We pride ourselves as tenured, high-quality bodyworkers and will use what best serves your needs based on an assessment. This includes hot and/or cold therapies and massage tools as needed. Treatments could include:


  • Deep Tissue Massage: geared towards pain, tension relief and injury recovery. Pressure is usually medium to deep. Please note, some soreness may occur.
  • Stretching: assisted stretching techniques are used to keep your muscles flexible and help give your joints a better range of motion. For a full session, please refer to our Thai Massage option.
  • Cupping: utilizes suction to encourage blood flow which assists muscles in releasing and repairing.
Postural Alignment Massage

$170 for 90 min

Repetitive daily activities, such as using cell phones, computers, driving, using tools, and lifting heavy objects can lead to misalignment in your body resulting in pain. This package addresses those issues through a 60-minute customized massage and a 30-minute postural alignment session, which uses manual manipulation and massage techniques to shift the body’s alignment to a neutral position. Postural alignment provides relief from poor posture and improves overall health and well-being while reducing pain and discomfort and increasing mobility. 

Sports Massage

$105 for 60 min | $149 for 90 min

A treatment for athletes and gym goers looking to maximize performance, boost recovery and maintain mobility. Pre-event treatments include techniques to support muscle function and access to optimal ranges of motion. Post-event services reduce soreness, address spasms, and promote muscle tissue repair. Regular sports massage is an excellent option for anyone who exercises and lives an active lifestyle. Come with workout shorts and a tank top for your session.

Medical Lymphatic Drainage Manual Therapy
$135 for 60 min
Superficial (Lighter) using MLD Vodder Technique that stimulates deep and superficial lymphatic vessels and fascia. Lightly pressured, circular stretching and pumping of the skin over congested lymph nodes. (Not to be used for those under doctors care for infection, cardiac edema, malignancies, acute deep vein thrombosis, renal failure, bronchial asthma, or uncontrolled hypertension. Must wait at least 72 hours or more after Botox injections.)
Prenatal Massage

$99 for 60 min

Mommies-to-be normally need relief in the lower back, shoulders and neck. Sciatic pain may also occur. Pressure varies and comfortable positioning is key using either a prenatal pillow or the prenatal massage table. You are in good hands with this experienced “mom” massage therapist.

Bodywork Massage Upgrades

CBD Cream: pricing varies

Aromatherapy: $10

Dry Brushing