Couples Massage Private Instruction Session: $349

 PLEASE NOTE: We are not able to accommodate couples massage in the same room at this time. This session is an instructor led, private session on massage techniques and more. (Must be scheduled by phone.)

This amazing one on one learning session is geared towards the couples specific needs. The instructor teaches easy, memorable techniques that can be used throughout. It is the perfect way to have fun, learn and bond with your partner. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to have fun while you learn. This session is one on one, so just the two of you and the instructor. It will involve sparkling beverages, delicious treats and some take home goodies. The perfect time out with your significant other without competing with restaurant noise, crowds or kids. Must call 254-224-6115 for availability and appointments. (Price: $349  – Time: 2-2.5 hours)

(Flowers can be purchased, delivered and waiting for your beloved, upon your request.) 


Mother’s Day Out: $145

Time for mom to relax with a 60 minute customized massage using the purest essential oils and a 35 minute holistic facial using only all natural, organic ingredients (sensitive enough for any skin type). She can get away for awhile and “zen out”. This time is completely about her and her only. (Total Time: 1 Hour and 35 Minutes)

Detox Package: $120

Enjoy this 20-30 minute infrared sauna first to loosen tight muscles and release toxins, then on to a 60 minute, full body massage (customized according to your bodywork needs). (Total Time is 90 minutes)

Mini Detox Package: $95

Enjoy 20-30 minute infrared sauna session followed by a 30 minute, customized massage. Great for targeting trouble areas! (Total Time: 65 minutes)

Me Day Package: $185

Take that much needed “Me Day” and receive a 90 minute, customized massage, accompanied by aromatherapy and a 35 minute Holistic facial. Enjoy being pampered with whatever you need in a quiet place where you can lose yourself and just BE. ( Total Time: 2 Hours and 5 Minutes)

Men’s Getaway: $145

Take a break from all the responsibility and escape. Enjoy a 60 minute massage (deep tissue, sports, or Swedish style) which includes a scalp massage, foot massage and the 35 minute man facial. (Total Time: 1 Hour and 35 Minutes)

Event Packages

Call 254-224-6115 for pricing options and availability

Massage Chair for any event: This includes disposable face covers, set up, music, aromatherapy (if the venue allows) and hand massages if preferred. Most participants receive 5-10 minute massages per person depending on the number of people. (We do not do half hours for this service).

Bundle Packages

After purchasing a bundle package, you will still need to make an appointment.

Buy 3: (1 hour per sessions) Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports massages and use anytime within a 12 month period.

($270.00 Value) – Price: $255.00   

  (We do offer 3 (90 minute sessions) for $390.00, please call to discuss.)

 Buy 5: (1 hour sessions) Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports massages and use anytime within a 12 month period. 

($450.00 Value) – Price: $425.00

Buy 10: (1 hour sessions) Swedish, Deep Tissue or Sports massages and use anytime within a 12 month period.

($900.00 Value) – Price: $850.00

(254) 224-6115 | Midway Plaza 8670 La Village Ave. Ste 102B Waco, TX 76712 | ME #5236

By appointment only: TUES – FRI: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. | SAT: 10 a. m. – 2 p.m. | SUN and MON: Closed

Please give 24-hour notice of a cancellation prior to the appointment time, either through e-mail or voice mail.

No calls/no shows will be charged for the full service | Please note we follow Midway ISD’s inclement weather schedules