Massage & Bodywork

Whether you’re an active athlete needing help with recovery, busy mom, or have a full-time desk job causing a tense neck and shoulders, bodywork is for you.


Hot Stone Massage

Schedule an appointment: 60 minutes: $100

Hot stone massages relax your body by using heated basalt rocks. Rocks are placed on key areas of the body then used to massage the muscles. 

thai massage stretching on mat

Pre-Natal Massage

Schedule an appointment: 60 minutes: $95

Mommies-to-be normally need relief in the lower back, shoulders and neck. Sciatic pain may also occur. Pressure varies and comfortable positioning is key using either a prenatal pillow or the prenatal massage table. You are in good hands with this experienced “mom” massage therapist.

thai massage stretching on mat

Customized Massage

Schedule an appointment: 60 minutes: $95 | 90 minutes: $140 

We pride ourselves as tenured, high-quality bodyworkers and will use what best serves your needs based on an assessment. This includes 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, hot and/or cold therapies, and massage tools as needed. See the type of massages included in this appointment below.

Additional Upgrades available include:


Customized Massages may include:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: geared towards pain, tension relief and injury recovery. Pressure is usually medium to deep. Please note, some soreness may occur.
  • Relaxation Massage: this service lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, relaxes your muscles and increases production of endorphins. Pressure is light to medium.
  • Stretching: assisted stretching techniques are used to keep your muscles flexible and help give your joints a better range of motion. For a full session, please refer to our Thai Massage option.
  • Cupping: utilizes suction to encourage blood flow which assists muscles in releasing and repairing.

Questions? Click here for our FAQs or give us a call at (254) 224-6115. Scheduling may be limited due to staff availability.

    Postural Alignment Method

    Schedule an appointment: 45 minutes: $85

    The Postural Alignment uses manual manipulation and massage techniques to shift the body’s alignment to a neutral position, helping the body to become realigned and provide relief from poor posture and improve overall health and well-being. Repetitive daily activities, such as using cell phones,  computers, driving, using tools, and lifting heavy objects can lead to misalignment in your body resulting in pain.

    Along with massage and guided movements, the body can encourage alignment corrections and lead to changes in posture. This change will reduce pain, discomfort and chronic muscle pain resulting in accupressure point relief and increased mobility.

    thai massage stretching on mat


    Schedule an appointment: 45 minutes: $65

    Reflexology concentrates on areas of the feet that correspond to organs and works by stimulating the nervous system. Pressing on areas of the feet in a calming way stimulates the nerves there, which sends a message to the central nervous system. This helps to relax the body and has positive effects on your breathing, blood flow, immune response and more. You will feel relaxed, balanced and invigorated.

    thai massage stretching on mat

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